Tri State Music

 "A WONDERFUL FIND",  referring to our Tri State Music store as told to us recently by one of our manufacturer's representatives.   The rep was referring to all the hundreds of music stores he calls on in a multi state region and how many of them are not so nice.    He said about our store,   "very clean, well organized, nice displays, and a great selection.  Many towns that are a lot bigger don't have nearly as nice of a store".  Try it out,  listen to it,  touch it,  feel it and most of all OWN IT!

 If you live in Northwest Ohio,   Northeastern Indiana or South Central Michigan you should stop and see us.  We have a large inventory and great selection AND  we'll treat you right.   We'll answer your questions.  We'll give you the type of service that people used to expect when they went somewhere to spend money.   Yes,  we're a little old school,  and we think you will like it that way.  We'll look forward to doing business with you.  

 Steve Miller

 Owner,  Tri State Music


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